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Wedding planning requires so many decisions!  To help you simplify, we've created several customizable packages for you to choose from. All packages include set up and take down time as well as all personal consultations prior to your event. 



  • Up to 5 Hour reception

  • Customized Playlist

  • Personalized DJ and MC Service

  • DJ and Assisstant

  • Premium Bose Sound System and Digital DJ Equipment

  • Wireless Shure Microphone for Toasts

  • Basic dance floor lighting

  • Planning Time with you to create your Timeline and discuss creative ideas to entertain your guests

  • Unlimited Email and phone support

  • Behind the scenes coordination with vendors

  • Early Arrival

  • Professional, Clean Setup

  • Proper Attire

  • Liability Insurance



  • The Gold  Package includes everything in the Silver Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the list below.


Additional Elements:

  • Full room static uplighting in the color(s)  of your choice   -or-  Limited computer controlled, color-changing uplighting.

  • Glow Towers and Elegant Dance Lighting with gobo projection*

  • Ceremony music, including the use of an additional sound system and mics**

  • Additional Hour of Music

  • Personalized Grand Entrance

  • Dancing Under the Stars lighting 

  • Frost filter spot lighting of First Dance and Grand Entrance.

  • Overhead Truss Lighting System

  • Personalized Monogram or Gobo





     *May not be available for outdoor locations

     **Location fees may apply for ceremonies that are        located in a separate location from the reception,          ie. across the lake, on a beach, across town, etc.



  • The Platinum Package includes everything in the Silver Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the Gold Package

  • You can also choose two more Additional Elements for a total of 5 or one Premium Element from the list below.


Premium Elements:

  • Full room computer-controlled, color-changing uplighting. See uplighting link below.

  • Enchanted Forest uplighting

  • Dancing on a Cloud effect for your First Dance

What Will My Synthesis Entertainment

Wedding Package Include?

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Platinum Elements Explained

Full room Static Uplighting: 

Uplighting will add elegance and atmosphere to any room, taking your event from ordinary to extraordinary! Full room static uplighting means that lights will be placed on the ground near the walls, uplighting prominent features throughout the reception space. The color will remain static throughout the night. You can choose the color or colors  the lights will project to match your company's colors or the theme of the event. How many lights will we use? We don't charge per light like some companies do. We have a lot of lights, and if you choose this element, we'll use as many lights as the room needs to make your venue look amazing.

Four Computer-Controlled Dance Floor Glow Towers: 

While every package includes our DJ glow booth, the addition of glow towers bring a new interactive element to any party. We'll put four glow towers (one at each corner) out on the dance floor, and each one features computer controlled color changing lighting. You and your friends can dance right up next to them and experience the energy up close! The towers are topped with computer controlled moving heads and/or starballs that project pictures made of light onto the dance floor and around the room. *Photo courtesy of Stewards Productions

*Due to their need for a flat surface, this element may not be available for some outdoor locations

Slide Show Creation and Projection:

It is always entertaining for employees to see photos of company history, past events, and activities. With this element, you'll provide us with full-sized digital photos prior to your event (on a flash drive or data disc) of anything you'd like. We will create a slide show, and using our equipment, project your photos for your guest's enjoyment during dinner. By using our equipment you can rest assured there won't be any "technical difficulties" so common with normal corporate presentations.


As a bonus, during your event we will take additional photos of you and your guests. Then, after the event, we'll mail you full-sized digital copies of all of the successfully shot photos we took during the event.

Limited Computer Controlled Uplighting: 

DMX uplighting is fully controlled by computer software from the DJ booth. We will program the lights to begin in static colors then change as the night progresses and energy levels increase, reflecting the different vibes of the evening. This will liven up your party and create better pictures and video.. This element is limited because it includes only one wall or area of computer controlled lighting. Choose this option if you love light shows!

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