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Let Synthesis Light Up Your Night

What Will My Synthesis Entertainment

Lighting Package Include?

Decisions decisions!  To make it easy, we've created several customizable packages for you to choose from. All packages include set up and take down time as well as all planning time prior to your event. Our services are not limited to the packages below, feel free to create your own totally unique package (see bottom of page).

  • Up to 4 Hours event time

  • Static Accent Lighting in the color(s) of your choice

  • Custom Focal Point Light Design

  • Unlimited Planning Time  

  • Unlimited Email and phone support

  • Early Arrival

  • Professional, Clean Setup

  • Set up and take down time

  • Liability Insurance

 Feeling Creative?

Additional elements can be purchased separately, contact us for details

For an explanation of each of the Moonrise Elements click here:

  • The Moonrise Package includes everything in the Starlight Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the list below.


Additional Elements:

  • Full Room Static Uplighting in the color(s)  of your choice   -or-  Limited computer controlled, color-changing uplighting.**

  • 2 Dancefloor Glow Towers with Starburst effect 

  • Laser Effect Lighting

  • Starburst/Starball Discoball effect

  • Laser Effect Lighting

  • Dancing Under the Stars Effect

  • Fazer Atmosphere Effect

  • Additional Hour of Contract Time

  • Traveling Fee Waived (see "more info" for details)



  • The Enchanted Package includes everything in the Starlight Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the Moonrise Package

  • You can also choose two more Additional Elements for a total of 5 or one Premium Element from the list below.


Premium Elements:

  • Full room, computer-controlled, color-changing uplighting using ProDMX software **

  • Outdoor computer-controlled, color changing uplighting **

  • Dancing on a Cloud effect for special dances**

  • DMX Dancefloor Glow Towers (includes 4 Glow Towers**

  • Dancing Under the Liquid Sky**

  • Overhead Truss Lighting System which includes 15 club-style intelligent lighting fixtures with custom created scenes**


For an explanation of each of the Premium Elements click here:

** Requires onsite lighing control

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