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About Me

Hi. My name is Steve, and I'm thrilled that you are considering Synthesis Entertainment to represent you at your event, especially if that event is your wedding! As a DJ I believe it is critical that you know the person you hire and feel comfortable that he or she will do everything possible to ensure a perfect evening. That being said, let me tell you about myself and my MC/DJ style.

Why are you a DJ?

- I am, first and foremost, a Husband and Father, and I believe to my core that marriage is the greatest institution in the world. I believe in it so much that I got a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Relations! I truly believe that a great marriage is the result of a great relationship, and that every great marriage deserves a perfect beginning. That’s why I DJ weddings. 

How long have you been an entertainer and what is your philosophy about your role as the DJ at our wedding?
- I have been a professional entertainer, musician, and presenter for nearly 30 years, but my roots in the entertainment industry began at an early age. My Father owned a recording studio when I was young, and I spent a great deal of time learning from him. It was then that I learned the importance of being professional, the importance of integrity, and the necessity of being ultra prepared so things are done right the first time.  I also believe in having fun! Your wedding and reception are the beginning of a beautiful celebration of life. It should be the party of your lifetime with you as the center of attention. As your MC/DJ, I will use my unique set of skills, experience, and musical expertise to keep you and your guests entertained while providing the atmosphere you envision.


Do you drink?

- Water? Definitely. Dr. Pepper? Guilty. Alcohol? Never. You can rest assured that I will not become intoxicated and start dancing the Chicken Dance with your Bridesmaids. :) This is your day and the focus and attention should always be on you.


What will you wear?
- I always wear a dark, conservative suit unless you specifically request otherwise.  I do not wear flashy clothes, as that would detract from the real reason we are all at your wedding. So while I think I look amazing in my 1978 sequined Elvis suit, I'll stick to something subdued.

Will your humor and language be appropriate?
- Yes. I will never resort to crude or inappropriate humor at your wedding. I have a very high standard of professionalism and believe that bad language and humor are indicative of an amateur entertainer. The humor I use will always be respectful and family friendly.

Will we have the opportunity to meet you before our wedding day?

- As a single operator, I make sure to meet with all of my clients face to face.  I want to get to know your personalities and make sure I have everything we need to bring your wedding vision, styles, and ideas together.  When we meet we will plan your reception itinerary and create a timeline which can include customized intros, interactive elements, personalized music and styles, and the use of intelligent lighting design technology.  That kind of detail just can't be accomplished via email or a phone call. In the event that a face to face meeting isn't possible, we can meet via Skype or Facetime.  While this may present some unique challenges, it helps you know that I am absolutely committed to providing you with the highest level of professionalism. I will also be available to answer any questions or concerns you have along the way via phone, email, or additional meetings as needed.


What are your business standards?
- I maintain very high personal and ethical business standards. Honesty is the guiding principle in everything I do. I arrive early and work hard. I believe in continuing education. In that sense, I consider myself a lifetime student. By attending major national conferences each year and constantly researching the latest trends and ideas in wedding entertainment, MC/DJ mastery, music programming, sound, and light design, I can ensure that I am able to provide the latest that the wedding entertainment industry has to offer and ensure that every couple can have a wedding that suits their own individual style. 




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