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Rob and Angelica

Wonderful Wedding DJ! Steve and his wife truly helped make our wedding absolutely perfect! It can be stressful trying to coordinate all the little details. Steve went above to make our day individually unique to our love story! They helped plan most of our schedule for our reception, taking all the guess work out! It was calming before the wedding to have a plan that included all the special events we wanted to participate in, and when the wedding came we didn't have to memorize the schedule. Steve and his wife helped us and our wedding party transition into each step, so we truly got to live in the moment the whole night! He kept our guests moving! He introduced us with our love story, which is a pretty funny and sweet one. We had no idea what he would say, he put one together based on things we've told him. WE LOVED IT! So did our family. The greatest gift of all though was the toasts. My husband's family is from the Netherlands. Due to covid they were not able to attend. Our AMAZING DJ reached out to my mother-in-law to plan a beautiful surprise!! They arranged toasts from our family in the Netherlands, and he played them without us knowing. I couldn't stop crying happy tears. He truly went above and beyond to give us memories to last a lifetime. I would recommend him in the future and use him again if the opportunity arises. Maybe he does birthday parties too haha! Thank you Steve, we appreciate you!!

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