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ynthesis provides entertainment that

reflects the elegance of your wedding day





How do you have a great wedding reception? Believe it or not, the formula is simple. Hire excellent entertainment! Think about the receptions you've attended lately. What do you remember most? Were they fun? Enjoyable?  What made them so? Consider this: If the food at your reception is just OK, your guests won't remember. If the florist delivers the wrong flowers, nobody but you will know. If your cake is just OK, it won't ruin your party. If the decorator brings the wrong style of plates, the day will still be a success. The entertainment and mood of the party is what people will remember. The quality of the entertainment makes or breaks the reception!


At Synthesis we take your wedding very seriously. We realize that, "like 'film' to a photographer, 'music' is a tool and only part of the whole suite of services that professional wedding entertainers should provide. If 'music' were all that you needed to create an entertaining reception, the result would simply be an extended cocktail hour." (Peter Merry, The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!, pg 28-29) We will do our best to bring uniquely personalized entertainment, to program the music to keep your guests engaged, keep the agenda flowing smoothly, and maintain a celebratory tone throughout the night. Our goal is to leave you and your guests with lasting memories of your unforgettable celebration. 


As your DJ, I consider it a great honor to be invited to be with you on the first day of your own dream come true. I've been a professional entertainer and professional musician for over 20 years and have spent time on both the east and west coasts. That experience allows me to provide you with the best possible entertainment experience. I am continually learning about the latest in wedding entertainment, lighting and sound technology and have learned from some of the top entertainers in the business. 


I invite you to personally discover how Synthesis Entertainment can make your dream wedding reception a reality. Contact us today to see if we’re available on your wedding date! 

Some Food for Thought:


"St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine surveyed brides within weeks of their wedding. They were asked what they wished they had done differently when creating their budgets and hiring their vendors. Seventy-eight percent said they wished they had given top priority to their decisions about entertainment... That's a pretty high percentage of wedding clients who appear to be looking back at their recent entertainment decisions with buyer's remorse.


Nearly 100 percent of them said that, in retrospect, they would have gladly set aside more money from their budget in an effort to have a better quality of entertainment." (The Best Wedding Reception...Ever!, pg. 29)

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