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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Steve be our DJ or will someone else be doing our wedding?

- Steve will be the DJ/MC representing you on your wedding day.


How can I find out if Synthesis Entertainment is available on my event date?

- Since our availability changes daily, the best way to find out is to call us directly @(317)800-2821 or contact us on the form provided on this website.


Can we give you a list of songs to play?
- Absolutely! As part of the planning process you can be as specific as you would like to be when it comes to music. If you have specific music you’d like played for traditional dances, the grand entrance, etc. just let us know. We always want to know the specific songs that mean a lot to you, your friends, and their families. On the flip side, you could give us no music direction, and we're confident enough to still rock your party. We request a DO NOT play list as well, which is equally important to us. We are able to play music from any genre, and Steve programs the music in a way to build energy and fun throughout the evening.

Do you allow guests to request music?

- For school dances and parties we welcome requests. For weddings, we generally do not accept music requests from guests unless the host/couple requests that we do, providing the request falls within the genres of music being played that day.


What if I already have other vendors? Will you work with them?

- Absolutely. Steve works well with all types of people and can adapt quickly to changing situations. We will communicate with them prior to the start of the reception to make sure they know the timeline we have discussed. In our minds, the most important factor on your wedding day is you. A lot of professionals are coming together who all know their craft very well, and we all want to work together to make your day unforgettable. 


Do you offer a written contract? Do you require a deposit?

- Yes and Yes.  We will reserve a date for you as soon as we have your deposit in hand. We also require that all events have a written contract on file. Deposits are non-refundable.


I need to change the date or venue for my event.  What should I do?

- We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur. If you must change the date or venue of your event, we require at least 30 days notice. Although we cannot guarantee our availability if you change dates, we will do our best to provide services if we are available.


Can I upgrade my package after I have already signed the contract for a lower package?

- We would love the opportunity to provide you with more services! Because programming and planning does take time, we request that you give us at least 30 days notice, so we can give you a new quote and begin work on the additions you want to include. Contacting us less than 30 days before the event does not guarantee we will be able to accommodate your requests. An additional deposit may be required when upgrading your package.


How far will you travel for an event?

- We provide services to all of Central Indiana, but other areas may be available upon request.


Do you charge a traveling fee?

- Travel charges may apply if we have to travel more than 60 miles.


When will you arrive?

- We make sure to arrive at least two hours in advance, and, depending on what set up is needed potentially 3 or 4 hours early.  Your wedding should be all about you. By setting up early, we are able to focus all of our energy on you and your guests rather than on setting something up at the last minute.


Do you ever put an advertising banner on your facade?

- No, we don't believe in advertising at your wedding. It's unprofessional and will negatively affect your photographs.


Do you have liability insurance?
- Yes. We are fully insured. 


What kind of sound equipment do you use?

- Great question! We use two Bose L1® Model II systems with B2 bass, Bose's most advanced and highest-performing system. It will effortlessly fill your venue with rich ambient background music in the early stages of the event and have your guests partying hard to crisp, full-range dynamic music all night long. Each system is designed for audiences up to 500 people. Some of it's features include:

* Projects clean, detailed sound with smooth, consistent tone evenly across the stage and throughout the audience. L1 systems spread the sound at nearly 180 degrees with unique dispersion technology, so tone quality stays smooth and even from one side of the venue to the other. Unlike with conventional speakers, people off to the sides can enjoy crisp, detailed sound.


* Produces consistent sound levels. Because of its shape, the L1 system projects sound waves that expand out and to the sides, producing sound levels that stay so consistent throughout the venue that there is no need for separate monitor and PA speaker systems. This means people in the back will be able to hear announcements, and those situated in front of the speakers won't complain of the music being too loud.


* Reduces unwanted room reverberation. L1 systems provide much less reverberation than a typical sound system. Conventional speakers direct a lot of sound energy up towards the ceiling, where it gets reflected back down as reverb. Monitor wedges, usually angled towards the back wall, add to the problem. L1 systems confine most of their sound energy in a wide, flat wedge of sound, projecting very little to the upper walls and ceiling. Sound remains clean and detailed throughout the venue so you and your guests can enjoy full, detailed, tonally balanced sound.

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