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Wedding planning requires so many decisions!  To help you simplify, we've created several customizable packages for you to choose from. All packages include set up and take down time as well as all personal consultations prior to your event. 



  • Up to 5 Hour reception

  • Customized Playlist

  • Personalized DJ and MC Service

  • DJ and Assisstant

  • Premium Bose Sound System and Digital DJ Equipment

  • Wireless Shure Microphone for Toasts

  • Basic dance floor lighting

  • Planning Time with you to create your Timeline and discuss creative ideas to entertain your guests

  • Unlimited Email and phone support

  • Behind the scenes coordination with vendors

  • Early Arrival

  • Professional, Clean Setup

  • Proper Attire

  • Liability Insurance



  • The Gold  Package includes everything in the Silver Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the list below.


Additional Elements:

  • Full room static uplighting in the color(s)  of your choice   -or-  Limited computer controlled, color-changing uplighting.

  • Glow Towers and Elegant Dance Lighting with gobo projection*

  • Ceremony music, including the use of an additional sound system and mics**

  • Additional Hour of Music

  • Personalized Grand Entrance

  • Dancing Under the Stars lighting 

  • Frost filter spot lighting of First Dance and Grand Entrance.

  • Overhead Truss Lighting System

  • Personalized Monogram or Gobo





     *May not be available for outdoor locations

     **Location fees may apply for ceremonies that are        located in a separate location from the reception,          ie. across the lake, on a beach, across town, etc.



  • The Platinum Package includes everything in the Silver Package plus your choice of 3 Additional Elements from the Gold Package

  • You can also choose two more Additional Elements for a total of 5 or one Premium Element from the list below.


Premium Elements:

  • Full room computer-controlled, color-changing uplighting. See uplighting link below.

  • Enchanted Forest uplighting

  • Dancing on a Cloud effect for your First Dance

What Will My Synthesis Entertainment

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Platinum Elements Explained

Personalized Full-Room Light Show: While static uplighting adds atmosphere and elegance to any room, computer-controlled uplighting is a truly amazing way to add energy and life to the party throughout the evening. Each of the uplights will be linked and programmed from the DJ booth using DMX software to change color in different patterns. In contrast to it's limited counterpart in the Gold Elements section, this premium element turns every light in the room into part of the show..We will program the lights to begin in your wedding colors then change as the night progresses and energy levels increase, reflecting the different vibes of the evening and coordinating with the music being played. Full room, computer-controlled uplighting will liven up your party and create better pictures and video, while keeping the atmosphere elegant. 

Enchanted Outdoor Uplighting: If your wedding will encompass the outdoors, particularly where beautiful oak or maple trees are prevalent, you'll want to consider this element. The effect is truly stunning, especially when we set the lights to change color and flicker, using computer-controlled DMX software. The pictures speak for themselves, although it is even more beautiful in person!

flagstaff wedding hart prairie dj uplighting
Forest uplighting Flagstaff wedding DJ
wedding dj flagstaff hart prairie uplighting

Dancing on a Cloud First Dance Effect: When you began planning your wedding, you wanted yours to be different than all the weddings you've been to. Right? This is the hottest new effect to sweep the wedding industry. Let Synthesis charm your guests with a touch of magic as we bring the feelings you have dancing as husband and wife for the first time to life. It creates a great photo opportunity, and since the clouds are made of dry ice by a special machine, with no added chemicals or oils, there is no danger to your clothes or the venue.

Photo by Rachel Tsosie Photography

Slide Show Creation and Projection: It is always entertaining for guests to see photos of how the two of you got to where you are today. With this element, you'll provide us with full-sized digital photos prior to your event (on a flash drive or data disc) of you and your fiance as children, young adults, etc, up through your courtship. We will create a slide show, and using our equipment, project your photos for your guest's enjoyment during dinner.


As a bonus, during your reception we will take additional photos of you and your guests. Then, after the event, we'll add some of the best photos to your slideshow and time it to music selected from the songs you chose for your first dance and other special dances. We'll mail you a copy of your slideshow as well as full-sized digital copies of all of the successfully shot photos we took at your reception.


*Disclaimer: While we do have excellent equipment, we are NOT professional photographers. Please do not substitute our services for those of a professional photographer! That said, we do generally have at least a handful of photos that turn out great, and you can never have too many wedding photos, right?

Animated Personalized Monogram Projection : Wow your guests with a "living" monogram! A step up from the static monogram listed in the Gold Element section, this full-color monogram is animated and will bring any surface to life. We will work with you to pick exactly the right effect and layout and then project that onto the dancefloor or wall. 

Total Dancefloor Experience: Bring the energy on the dancefloor to the next level with fully computer-controlled dancefloor lighting. Unlike lights that can only react to sound, our Total Dancefloor Experience expands on our basic package and brings a true customized energy light show to you and your guests! The Dancefloor Experience includes a combination of wash lighting, "rollers" and spot movers. 

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