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Epic Dance Wanted?

Yeah, we can handle that. 

At Synthesis Entertainment our goal is not just to entertain you, but to help your dances be awesome! 


Why Should you Choose Synthesis?

First of all, With Synthesis, we believe we should give you our very best no matter what package you choose. Some DJ's charge you extra to have a full sound system and some even make you pay more just to have subwoofers! For starters, we use Premium Bose L1M2 Sound Systems featuring Spatial Dispersion™ and Articulated Line Array technology with multiple B2 Bass Subwoofers. Each speaker set is capable of handling 300-500 people and we use two sets! We also have the ability to add more speakers to ensure your party's thumping! 

And then there's our set up: We don't use lame lights or sloppy set ups; we use the most freaking awesome lights on the market! We use DMX Computer controlled lighting software, lasers, uplighting, club lights, and special effects, all new since 2013.

We specialize in planning customized entertainment with your help to make sure we meet all your best expectations. I excel at mixing music & reading a crowd, ensuring an epic dance party so you can relax & let students enjoy the best night ever. We know that if we look good, you look good and that means more ticket sales and more money for you. Sweet. 


What about the music? 

More and more often, High School Administrators complain that the music being played by DJ's is not appropriate. We will make sure the music we play at your dance is CLEAN and approved by the SafeSongs School Dance Network.


What about requests?

You and your friends can request all the songs you want! Your DJ will meet with you or the Student Council to decide what music you want to hear or not hear. We have an extensive library, and what we don't have, we'll get before your dance!


So book your dance today and let us show you what Synthesis is all about.



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